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Web design

We offer you a fully personalised service that is custom made to your requirements. From taking your first step on the Internet journey Hotseats Consultancy will assist you in making the right mark in this worldwide industry.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

At Hotseats Conultancy we provide you with this customized service and the options you need. We believe in quality, so we strategically target your URL submissions only at those sites that will generate the most effective results.

Google AdWord registration

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, ensuring that your website is always ranking top is crutial.
Let Hotseats Consultancy take the guess work out of AdWords placement on your behalf.

Banner ad design

Hotseats Consultancy will design your company’s banner ad at the most competitive cost in the industry.

It includes all scanning of images as well as design costs.

Social media advertising

Sites built around user interaction and sharing have made it easier to match interested groups of people up with relevant content.
Hotseats Consultancy made it easier to match customers with your online presence.

Branding & logo design

You’re Logo and proper branding determines how your audience preserves you, It also determines the look and feel of your company, no matter how big or small.
Allow Hotseats Consultancy to take over your branding, online, printing and desktop publishing

Program design

Database development, data analysis is crucial for understanding your customer’s needs; our group of experts understand yours.
Let Hotseats Consultancy help you, help your customers with the correct interpretation and analysis.

Project management

Our team consists of Internationally Accredited Project Managers. Our team has managed projects, and trained project managers all over South Africa and the World.
The benefit of employing a professional project management team is paramount.

Business plans

It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword; this is where it all starts your business plan!
With Hotseats Consultancy your idea will be set on paper and your business set in motion.   

Company registration

Hotseats Consultancy will take care of your company registration requirements within the company law of South Africa ensuring you get the best quality service you deserve. 

Tax registration

We focus on you and your requirements and our dedicated experienced staff takes care of your registration in a fast, easy and hassle free manner.
We are well positioned to process your taxations needs no matter where you are situated in South Africa.

Accounting Services

We consist of the latest cutting-edge-technology and 21 years extensive experience with a broad knowledge to assist with all financial, taxation and accounting duties on a monthly or annual basis.

With Hotseats Consultancy you have the satisfaction and peace of mind to remain focused on your business.

Smart Vetting Solutions

Vetting your staff has never been this easy and fast as with Hotseats Consultancy, with our state of the art technology you can do a full background evauation on all new applicats.

Knowing you customer is crutial to any business, let us focus on verifying your costomer or supplier while you focus on business.

Smart Vetting Solutions offers:
• Credit, Fraud and Identification checks
• Qualification verification
• Industry checks
• Workplace references
• AFIS criminal record checks
• National Footprint
• In-house implementation
• Approved fingerprints
• Online skills testing
• Risk assessments
• System integrations
• World Check
• Global background screening capabilities
• Supplier Vetting
• Zoom OutTM
• vVault

Property Management

We are constantly adapting our services to the changing needs of our clientele. By providing skilled, loyal security personnel, we are able to promote a democratic working environment and focus on building long-term relationships with both our customers and staff.

We Specialise in:
• Residential Security
• Retail Security
• Industrial Security
• Commercial Security
• VIP Security
• Armed Response
• Riot / Crowd Control

Firearm & Safety Training

Hotseats Consultancy firearm and safty courses are open to anyone, whether you are a keen enthusiast, a beginner, aspiring actor or would like to learn more about firearms.

The training is conducted in a warm and inviting location under the watchful eye of a very experienced trainer. Hotseats Consultancy will make your experience enjoyable, fun filled and memorable.

Courses Available:
• First Aid Training
• Security Training
• Fire Arm Training
• Fire Fighting
• Polygraph
• OHS training
• Canine training


Think out of the box

Creative thinking End to end

Hotseats Consultancy takes the sweat out of setting up your business. We'll take care of the complete lifecycle of setting up while you take care of business:

  • Business plans
  • Company & Tax Registration
  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design & Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Google AdWords
  • Business Cards, Flyers, Car Magnets and Desktop Publishing
  • Accounting Services
  • Program Design
  • Project Management

We do it all!

About us

Our bussines in a box

Hotseats Consultancy was founded April 2017 in Pretoria by Yvette Smit & Vincent Tomes the brainchild of Vincent Tomes, Johan Venter and Jas Smit.
The vision was simple, to be the proverbial  “one-stop shop” for new business owners offering everything you might need to start and maintain your business and the concept of “Business in a Box” was born.

There have always been certain services that were vague in starting a new business;
“How and where do I register my business? Do I and how do I get a website? What branding do need and why? How do I market my business online and in print? Where do I get accounting services that would cater or my needs? How do I launch my new project o campaign? “

The Management Team of Hotseats Consultancy has a collective experience of 60 years and more in answering these pertinent questions with no effort and we are very excited about sharing our expertise with you and surpassing your requirement, setting you at ease in doing business whilst we take care of business. why not look at some of our most recent projects.

We will oversee or manage the complete lifecycle of setting up your business and we are proud to introduce our services to you:

  • Business Registrations
  • Tax Registrations
  • Drawing up a Business plan
  • Logo design and Branding concept
  • Website Design
  • Program and/or Database Set-up
  • Business Cards
  • Website & Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Flyers
  • Project Management
  • Accounting Services
  • Debtors & Creditors

These are but some of our incredible services and we can offer you so much more, feel free to contact us to tailor-make a package just for you or choose one of our amazing best sellers.


See what we can offer you to get your business out the box!

Web Development 100%
Bussiness Marketing 90%
Bussiness Registration & Accounting 100%
Project & Program Management 100%
Smart Vetting Solutions 100%
Security & Property Management 100%

Meet the management team

team img


Yvette Smit


Yvette is co-founder and Managing Director of Hotseats Consultancy. Her key roles at Hotseats Consultancy include Sales – she is responsible for establishing and maintaining a pipeline of potential clients and developing a client base consistent with the growth plans of the business. Yvette has played a pivotal role in developing relationships with our clients. Yvette also oversees the Finance functions and has been instrumental in developing the company.

team img


Vincent Tomes


Vincent’s ideas have been bringing businesses to life for over 10 years. As co-owner of Hotseats Consultancy  and a qualified Web designer and Forensic Auditor, he brings a variety of thinking tools to every project, ensuring what we do is always strategically sound, creatively inspiring and commercially relevant. Vincent’s international experience in Graphical Web design, Risk Management, Business Implementation and Hospitality benefits from Vincent’s ability to use design to recreate businesses and brands.

team img


Johan Venter


Johan Venter is a business consultant, founder of SA Company Registrations and the Hotseats Business & Accounting Manager.
Johan’s proficiency is in statutory company and tax registration requirements, ensuring you the satisfaction and peace of mind to remain focused on your business. Over the past 7 years, Johan worked with numerous entrepreneurs within various industries throughout South Africa.
Like you, Johan is passionate about developing successful businesses and enabling economic growth within our local and national business communities.

team img


Jan Steenekamp


Jan holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the George Washington University in the USA. He is further PMP (Project Management Professional) Certified through the Project Management Institute of South Africa. He also has a BTECH in Information Technology, attained through Technikon SA.
His career spans more than 20 years in numourous Industries.

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Our best sellers


  • R250 per month
  • 1-3 Page website
  • Basic SEO
  • No Facebook Setup
  • 1hr Free Maintenance
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  • R550 per month
  • 10 Page website
  • Medium SEO
  • Facebook Setup
  • Google Local Listing
  • 2hr Free Maintenance
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  • R1500 per month
  • 20+ Page website
  • Advanced SEO
  • Facebook Setup & Ads
  • 5hr Free Maintenance
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in a box

  • R950 per month
  • Basic web package
  • Business plan
  • Private company registration
  • Income tax number
  • Share certificates
  • Company register & minutes
  • Business development plan
  • Business coach
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Maintenance & Solutions

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